Company Philosophy


For its advisory activities, Sirio collaborates with some of the leading international banks (both European and American, all with high ratings), and with major investment funds in different sectors, such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity, biotechnology, alternative energy, technological innovation etc. Sirio is also authorized as an advisor in the insurance sector, for investment with financial and capital guaranteed policies.

Sirio only employs professionals who have solid experience in the management of corporate finance, in order to support the entrepreneur throughout the whole process of the identified operation, which can include an increase of capital (through the search for new members), the issue of debt instruments, the establishment of transnational join ventures, as well as the formulation, analysis and implementation of new business plans, both for diversification and for the expansion of the activities of the company.

The company acts with maximum discretion and confidentiality, which are indispensable when constructing a trusting relationship and offering high standards of consultancy, from the initial and execution stages right up to the completion of the project.

Sirio’s philosophy is to always be an independent consultant, whose mission is to optimize the return on investment and always maintain a low-risk profile. Our perspective is always to create long-term value in a stable and sustainable way.