Corporate Consultancy and Advisory


Sirio Financial Advisory Ltd makes available to companies all the experience gained in the extraordinary finance sector, and therefore, is the ideal partner to accompany the entrepreneur in the start-up phases of new initiatives, search for partners, sale of equity investments, increases of capital, bond issues, internationalization of its business, international joint ventures, with a specific focus on South East Asia through our HK office, reorganization of shareholdings, including through spin-offs and mergers, stock market quotations.
It offers customized solutions to the specific needs of its customers in the choice of projects in which to invest, with a medium-long term perspective, alongside the entrepreneur with a team of internal and external professionals to achieve the goal set with the best use of resources available.
Sirio puts at the service of its customers all the skills gained also in the sector of the purchase of non-performing loans linked to real estate, with the aim of add new value to the underlying assets by restructuring and reconvert them related to the new request of the market.